Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Newest Henderson

As if 4 kids isn't enough, we decided to throw another girl into the mix

And by "we" I mean ME. About a month ago I picked up Will from school and thought it would be fun to visit the Animal Shelter. It was just supposed to be a quick visit, until I came across her...

Ray then got a call that went something like this:

Me: Hi Ray......I am at the animal shelter right now....

Ray: Oh no, what did you find....

Me: I found the PERFECT little puppy for our family. I know she will be great. I promise to take full responsibility for her. (I basically had one breathy run on sentence for about 2 minutes straight)

Ray: She sounds great. Bring her home.

And that is just what I did. I brought her home to a place where she is being loved up!

Maybe a little more than she would like.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer is here!

Summer is finally here. And with Summer comes playing outside, and with playing outside comes critters!

The first day of summer last year bulldozed me over! I was in the kitchen ALL DAY fixing various snacks, sandwiches, drinks, etc! Toys were flying everywhere and I was refereeing fights every 3 seconds.

This summer I wised up a bit and started "The Henderson Family Camp".

Sounds pretty cool huh?

Ya, the kids think it is pretty cool too.

Want to know a secret?

"Henderson Family Camp" is really just a schedule!

Every day the kids wake up, have breakfast, do chores, pack a lunch, and then we hit a different park each day.

We definitely have some happy campers this summer!