Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh the Joys of the Season....

Can you guess the fun we have been having at our house this week?

Yep, we have been hit with a sickness that has made it's way through the family.
It all started with Hannah reaching a fever high of 103.5.

Then she shared the love with Avril...

Who then shared it with me. (I had Ray take this picture and was horrified when I saw it, so I had him take several more until I realized that was just how I look right now!)

Next was Ray's turn. Will's theory that he has told EVERYONE is that mommy slept too close to daddy so she got him sick. (thanks for throwing me under the bus) Although in my picture I do look like I have been thrown under a bus.

Up next we have Benny. I think by the time he got sick he was happy. He wanted to join in the fun activities of drinking as much soda as you want while laying around watching TV.

The only one who hasn't been hit with this is Will. I think he is ready to join the ranks though. He is a little tired of being the one making toast for everyone!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Spoken Like a True Mom...

I have OFFICIALLY become a true Mom...

The other day I was feeling frustrated,unsupported and basically sorry for myself. The house was a complete disaster with breakfast plates all over the table, toilets with pee splattered all over them (don't even get me started!), little projects here and there scattered throughout the house, and me steaming that I had to clean up every one's messes. So finally by dinner time I couldn't take it anymore. I had the family captive, and my frustration boiled over into a full on "Mom Rant". The kids sat quietly while I went on and on about everyone needing to pitch in and help clean up their messes. I then said, "Do you guys want mommy to go crazy??" The kids just started at me.

Ray then said, "OK, I think the kids are officially freaked out now." (That made me smile. )

After dinner, Ray and I were cleaning up in the kitchen when I started laughing.
Me: That was such a classic mom rant wasn't it?
Ray: Oh ya. That brought me back to my childhood.
Me: I know! That is the kind of thing we made fun of my mom for! Now I am totally doing it!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

How do you work this Blog thing again???

Wow, has it really been over 4 Months since my last post???

It is kind of interesting that the minute school got out, I stopped blogging....

HMMMMM, how could that be???

Oh ya, because I now had to entertain 4 kids all day long!!!

In the beginning of the summer Ray would get a phone call at work every few days that would go like this:

Ray: Hey Cutie.

Me: Do you know we have four kids?

Ray: huh?

Me: Really, do you know that we have FOUR KIDS??

Ray: Uh, ya...

Me: No, we REALLY have FOUR KIDS. All at home, right now...

And so the summer went.

None the less, it was a wonderful summer.