Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Our own Billy Madison

Do you remember the dodge ball scene in Billy Madison? Well, a similar scene took place here on Saturday.

Ray and I filled up over 100 water balloons and invited some neighborhood kids to join in the fun.

The next thing I know Ray comes out in his swim suit and on the way out he says to Benny, " I am going to get you" with a sly smile on his face.

Then kids are running everywhere getting pegged left and right by Ray. He was even getting them from across the cul-de-sac!

All in all everyone had fun......especially Billy, I mean Ray.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ray's alter ego

The other night Ray was working in the garage at 2 a.m. when he heard footsteps in the driveway. When he went to investigate he saw that there were ten people around our car. He then yells, "HEY!" and busts open our gate and starts chasing them down.....until he catches up with them and realizes that they are not robbers, but the Young Women from our ward coming to T.P. our house! Ya, he was a little embarrassed.

And what was he planning on doing with ten robbers anyways? (might I suggest laying off the Smallville for awhile Ray)

The kids had a blast playing with the decorations.

Benny wanted to put his "mummy costume" in his costume box.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This is for you sista!

Little Avril is settling in well. We keep saying it's as though she has always been here. She just fits right in with the family.

Will tries his hardest to be soft with the her.

She wasn't quite sure what to think about the bath.

And Hannah and Benny make sure that she is never being neglected

Ray the Multitasker

Ray has taken two weeks off of work to help with the transition of having a fourth child. He basically takes care of the three kids and I take care of Avril. But, Ray has really wanted to maximize his time off by getting our floors done also. So, how does he do it?










It's the monkey on his back that keeps him going!