Friday, May 23, 2008

Will number 2??

Will has a new apprentice

He has trained her well to look cute and take the fall for any mischief

When I happened upon this scene,Will was nowhere to be found, yet his footprints were everywhere.

Nice try buddy.

Tell me, is it normal in anyone else's house to walk into a room full of dirt thrown everywhere, or frozen raspberries squished all over a bed, or walking outside to find all of your newly budding peaches picked from a tree and scattered everywhere, or finding poop in the backyard (of the human kind), or finding staples in your hardwood floor, or finding a whole bottle of lemon juice spilled on your stone tile creating a permanent white stain, or having your son running around all day with a shirt you think is chocolate stained only to find out it's poop all over him, this normal??????? Because these things are an everyday occurrence around here and all of them come from one little guy. (can you see why my blog has been sitting for awhile?)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Benny's first sleep over

Benny had his first sleep over at our house with his friend Angela.

They had a great time. There was a lot of talk about boyfriends and girlfriends, but we have taught Benny to just say, "I can be your boyfriend after my mission." That seems to help change the subject, for the moment.....

In the morning I tried to be the cool mom and make Mickey Mouse pancakes and act like it's something we just do every Saturday morning, I even whipped out the china tea cups. (that is a whole other blog, something to do with Will, all of our cups disappearing, and one day realizing he had been throwing them all away so now all we have is our china cups) Anyways...

They ate about 2 bites. But I know inside they thought I was soooo cool......

Community Spring Clean

Last Saturday our community had a "Spring clean" where we basically cleared away over grown bushes and trees from a walking trail.

Ray definitely helped by making sure even the tall guys could take a nice Sunday stroll without having to duck from the branches. Way to go Ray!!
And as always, Will grabbed the nearest abandoned tool and got right to work.

We felt our hard work earned us a stop at 7-11 for some slurpees

Even Avril got her very own. Awwww her first brain freeze...

Well, maybe she isn't quite ready to handle her own slurpee

But you gotta start teaching them sometime!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa visit

We never know what to expect when Grandma and Grandpa come rolling in to town.

We just know that we are going to have fun from morning till night!

We celebrated Ray's birthday.
My parents very carefully lit every candle, only to have Will blow them out. I guess it's kind of obvious that was going to happen looking at this picture.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for the visit.

We loved every minute of it!