Friday, November 2, 2012

Hazel Adelaide’s Birth

Miss Hazel could not make up her mind about what day she was going to be born.  The first time she tried to come into the world was on Friday, June 29th. A little less than a month from her due date. It was the day that the Henderson Family Reunion was starting on the east coast.  We think she was excited about the whole family being together and she just wanted to join in the fun.  The problem was, we weren’t at the reunion because we were waiting for her arrival.


That day I had seven hours of consistent contractions. After each contraction I would tell Ray, “Ok, if another one comes, then  we will go to the hospital.”  (I have a tendency to be in “labor denial” )  Ray sensing my denial, ran around the room packing my hospital bag. 

I once read in a book that it wasn’t wise to have your husband pack your hospital bag, because all it will contain is a toothbrush and a cocktail dress.  Ray did a little better than that.  He packed my blouse for church …


After several more contractions, Ray convinced me to at least call the hospital.  A male nurse answered in labor and delivery.  He asked me my symptoms and as I explained them he was chuckling.   After a few answers to his questions he diagnosed me with a BLADDER INFECTION!  huh?  I really think that some random dude picked up the phone at the hospital……NICE. 


After seven hours, the contractions stopped.  Miss Hazel decided that she liked her little home, where she was fed very, VERY well.


Two weeks went by, the I started having random contractions on and off three days before her birth.  Finally, late Saturday evening, the contractions started getting stronger.  I woke Ray up at around one in the morning.  He asked if he had time to take a shower.  Uh, sure…. we have  plenty of time for that.  I told him to go ahead and shower.  It really seemed like we had the time.

Then as soon as he got in the shower, the situation changed and I told him we needed to go NOW.  


When we got to the hospital, labor was in full swing.  I told the nurses, “I am just not in the mood for this right now!”

I always know the baby is coming soon when I start getting cranky and have a meltdown. 


Hazel was born a little after 2 in the morning weighing 7 lbs 14 oz. and 20.5 inches long. 



We just love our sweet baby girl.

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Christy said...

Okay, I need some clarification. It sounds like it was so fast so I'm assuming you didn't get an epidural. Did you do this natural!?! I'm dying.