Monday, September 15, 2008


To my wonderful father on his 60th Birthday:

My dad lives his life by various sayings, quotes, motto's, etc. The Benton family motto is EXCELSIOR. It means always climbing ever higher. As a kid I remember running out the door, pumping my fist in the air saying, "EXCELSIOR, always climbing ever higher!" I loved it.

Another one of my dad's sayings is, "It's the hard that makes it great!" And my dad truly lives by this saying. He would always buy these complicated kites that took FOREVER to put together. All of the various pieces of the kite would be spread across the beach and don't even get me started on the tails. Yet these are the memories I hold so dear to my heart. Sitting on the beach, talking with my dad, sorting through the different kite pieces, untangling and rolling up 6 kite tails. So dad, you are right, it is the hard that makes it great!

Another saying is, "The Benton's always do their best!" I am sure that is why my parents were called to serve a Mission and sacrifice so much. Because Benton's always do their best!

My dad will always greet you with a big smile along with a "HEY!" and a thumbs up or finger point. In this picture he decided to go with both.

Both of my parents took us to so many wonderful vacations. They are the only reason I can say thatI have been anywhere.

Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

Thank you for all that you have taught me dad. I try to live by it everyday!

I love you!

If you want to wish my dad a Happy 60th just click HERE.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom is a special lady. She can wear a goofy hat and still look great....

She can go to a Broadway show...

then hang with the "locals" afterwards...

She is a mom who can be silly...

yet still stop to smell the roses...

She is a Mom who's hugs are endless....

Happy Birthday Mom!

I love you!

If you want to wish my mom a happy birthday, just click HERE.