Monday, December 10, 2007

Avril's first haircut

I knew it was time to give Avril a haircut when I took her over to a friends house and as soon as my friend opened the door she just busted up laughing at Avril's "comb over". I guess as a mom you just don't see it.

Avril before

and after, much better!

Poor Avril, the other day she spit up an M&M shell. Of course you know who is the one who fed it to her right? (Who is very much in need of a haircut looking at this picture)

Well I thought Will had fed her an M&M too. Until about two days later when I saw where M&M's fall while I eat them. That's right... they fall right down my shirt to the very spot where Avril eats! So embarrassing..........

Back to the subject of hair, Benny has started combing his own hair. Have you ever seen the episode of Seinfeld where Jerry gets his hair cut??? Well, now you don't have too...